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Opened in late March 2009,  Gallery Suites  Shanghai (Lianyi Kaiwen Gongyu) is housed in a 1933 heritage building on Hengshan Road formerly known as the 'Champs Elysees of Shanghai',  which once served as the residence for Russian Crown Princess Olga Gregorievna Ogneff...

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住客评论 472条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • GigiNgai
    Chambres originales, proche métro
  • xiaobeir
    Was relatively satisfactory, cost-effective
  • Moe Moe
    Great, great location, unique
  • pilimao007
    In Hengshan Road, very literary, Artsy little apartment, I and my daughter are both very much, she had the chance, would stay there again.
  • dyt2049000
    If you want to finish in the French concession of 30 romantic, and the toffee bathtub, this is definitely the best choice
  • aligu
    Retro-style apartment, hidden in inconspicuous and naozhongqujing place. both interiors and the traffic is top-notch, estimated such a decorated place is hard to find, actually located at Hengshan Hotel opposite.
  • binglianaoxue
    Good, that is the price a little expensive ... service was good, health is also very good, the room was large, but are the colours in the room is a bit dark, which many foreigners, a taxi is also very convenient.
  • e00028296
    Hotel location is very good, very easy ... the room was clean, slightly old rooms equipment, services, unique is the checkin was quick, but checkout is trouble. Finally have more characteristics of old Shanghai style hotel worthy of nostalgia people
  • turbo_li
    Great location, breakfast was also OK, next time will consider to go back
  • sylvia6188
    This historic hotel, you can experience the different cultures
  • allen10
    This friend also has front view!
  • bbcall338
    Hotel location is very good, very close to the Metro, two lines don't walk far, but due to some, smaller elevator, facilities in some old ... but overall it is recommended!
  • Solution13
    Room size is huge decorated carefully hotels mostly foreigners but; Makeup mirror of lamp too bright has bright blind of degree fundamental can't with, decoration design of certainly didn't try had; room noise had poor, poor to next door playing call are can heard of degree; equipment is old of, drawer put hand a twist on off down has; front desk small brother face is smelly, talk answered are is not patience of, not made is big aunt to has also is in pulled what; So overall price/performance
  • yang82955160
    Hotel location was good, quiet surroundings, lush green trees, walking on the road fighting are very exotic ~ haha! room very clean, features very chic, too literary, and we are en-suite, TV set can turn around, watching TV is great for me! best to prepare the disc better!
  • louiselyse
    Hotel location was excellent, heard that former Shenhua's dormitory room is a bit old, but renovated with style and taste, the surrounding environment is good, near Metro station, next time you will choose, price is very high
  • eddielixiang
    Loved this hotel, elegant style, great?
  • nowenti
    Very high artistic
  • lianxiang1273
    Hotel last year to live had, is like, so this year specially birthday to live, hotel sent has small gift, rose has level, is post heart of service! is happy! Hotel away from Metro is near, lots is good. room what are good. is breakfast too poor has, hard eat! last early catch aircraft didn't eat breakfast go of. today estimated had will out again eat's.
  • weiwei_1226
    Was a two-bedroom suite with terrace, there are kitchen. in Central Shanghai, too. breakfast is very delicious.
  • wxytest1
    Great design style liked! worth staying
  • tt0426
    Living during their stay abroad, and distance from the subway a little secluded, bed was big and soft sleep. little breakfast, French toast is great, service is very good.
  • janetart
    Hotel price is relatively high, good health, eat more near, select number, work on a business trip chose this hotel, so happy, quiet, take a taxi or convenient, next time can come to live.
  • abelsong
    Good location, the surrounding environment good. good living room, bedroom, bed quality can, on Hengshan Road noise in the room was not small. boutique hotel feel.
  • E00069879
    Good good
  • liujasonx
    Spacious room and v good location!
  • nigel13
    Very good
  • peiyun6398
    Hotel environment and health can be, is into the hospital's door was so old, and I didn't dare pull in, or expense stop opposite the hotel rooms no items in bag, and the rest can also
  • e03275967
  • E00093276
    The overall feeling is still very good, breakfast should be improved
  • gibos
    Good location, Republic of Shanghai style
  • aa123
    Concepts concepts
  • Someone784533
    Very nice hotel room Chan-recommended staying around very convenient services only do not think very like bathroom showers are shower heads
  • felixl
    Very satisfied with this hotel, is already the second stay.
  • a11395
    Live here all the time, it was very good.
  • paul1212
    Rooms feature facilities but a bit old.
  • jymao3
    Very good
  • JustinLee1987
    Hotels are relatively old, but still quite a taste of the old Shanghai, near transport, quiet one can consider
  • aerosun7
    Overall good, is an old Shanghai Feel, but it was this old house renovation, so noise is particularly problematic, in the next bed I heard growing up, breakfast is not good
  • caoying2003
    Hotel is cozy, location is good, quiet
  • lijimeimei
    Went to Shanghai to live this
  • lulix
    A taste of the old Shanghai apartment renovation hotel, rooms are large and distinctive. but the soundproofing is poor. the hotel overall was very satisfying, more interesting than hotel.
  • Benson624562
    Good, great, very stylish. beds are soft, male friends have a nice sleep! ' _> bathroom half open so embarrassed! breakfast is relatively simple.
  • cdeba
    Hotel cosy
  • ljdnt
    Very nice suite, 658 nice, large living room, we talk sat down. TV wall can be 360 degrees, the living room bedroom can be used.
  • gourdbelts
    Very good location the price the room was very nice
  • apple2811
    Each of Shanghai were Kevin, because I like the décor here. but the worst is soundproofing is poor poor
  • eunicebaby
    That's good
  • luobing811027
    Well well well well.
  • amay1984
    We had a pleasant overnight stay at this boutique hotel in Shanghai. It is a wonderful hotel for those that enjoy an older hotel with a lot of Art-deco personality. The rooms are large and furnished with antique touches including a massive tiger-foot bath tub. The room also had a large TV and a modern stereo with an iphone adapter. The location is wonderful nestled in the French Concession with an easy walk to the train station. Breakfast was simple but enough. Overall, a wonderful little hotel and a nice boutique hotel experience.
  • A000111222
    This price in the surrounding was quite good, room size and the overall feeling is good